Caprese salad

This dish is traditionally called a "salad" although it does not have any green leaves (other than Basil) in it. It can be laid out in many ways however the look of the dish is to recreate the Italian flag all the time (red, white and green) so follow this rule to set it up. We love using the freshest and tastiest mozzarella from Il Casaro (which is handmade from local organic milk) but any other fresh mozzarella will do too if you can't find this one. This dish is perfect for a quick healthy lunch, just add a slice of bread of your choice on the side and you have a nutritionally complete meal. Mediterranean diet anyone?




1 whole mozzarella ball (you can try buffalo mozzarella for a different taste)

1 big acid free tomato (beefsteak is my favorite)

1 bunch of basil leaves

Matakana Extra Virgin Olive Oil to taste

Salt and Cracked pepper


Slice your tomatoes and your mozzarella. Alternate on your plate a slice of tomato, a slice of mozzarella and a few basil leaves, Creating a circle of slices (remember the three colours of the Italian flag). Once you have finished, drizzle abundant Matakana Extra Virgin Olive Oil over your dish and season with cracked salt and pepper.

You can scatter a few drops of pesto over the top for extra flavour.