Recipes with matakana Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

matakana extra virgin olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the star of mediterranean cuisine.

Loved by Chefs and appreciated by nutritionists around the world, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the perfect partner to all who choose a healthy life style, as well as those who embrace a vegan diet, substituting butter and other animal fats for vegetable oil.


A drizzle of olive oil, sauteed garlic and some chopped chilli pepper over pasta and there you have a perfect dish to impress your guests! A couple of drops of this liquid gold will complement and make shine even the simplest dish. Extra Virgin Olive oil it's truly your secret weapon in the kitchen, when cooking or grilling, or marinating or giving the finishing touch before bringing your dish to the table.

In fact Extra Virgin Olive Oil not only has a high smoking point but it is just as deliciously perfect as a substitute to butter in cakes and biscuits, making them moist and fluffy.

Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil in your diet every day and you will feel (and look) much better for it.


Follow this golden thread through the recipes we have put together for you here below and let us take you on a Matakana Extra Virgin Olive Oil culinary journey.

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The things you can do with evoo in the kitchen...
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