Small empty bottles or jars for storing with caps

Matakana Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Dried Chillies

Black peppercorns

Garlic Cloves

Lemon Peel (no pith)

Fresh herbs (Rosemary, Thyme and Sage)


In a saucepan over low heat put enough oliove oil to fill your bottle or jar with one of the ingredients above and let simmer for 20 minutes. You want the oil to warm not cook or splatter. Strain out ingredients and pour oil in bottle/jar. You can add one ingredient for decoration in the bottle at this point (rosemary twig or lemon peel or cooked garlic clove or chilli). Leave in the fridge for two weeks before using.


Flavoured Olive Oil

Often when we are at our stall at Matakana Farmers Market we get asked if we sell flavored oil (chilli or lemon or garlic) and I find myself telling peoiple how to do it themselves. All you need is bottle of Matakana Extra Virgin Olive Oil and some patience. The nice thing is that apart from being very popular at the table, a little bottle of flavoured oil is always an appreciated gift. It looks divine, it is packed with flavour and it looks like is a lot of work (but is not). Fresh ingerdients (herbs, garlic or lemon peel) in the bottles look good but just remember to put the oil in the fridge and use it within a month.