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Of course you can make your own bread sticks (Grissini) to put in the middle of the table and show off with family and friends! Easy, peasy. This dough recipe makes for a fair few grissini so you can just half the quantities or use half of the dough flatten up and topped up with tomato sauce and some cheese for a pronto pizza or just drizzled with olive oil and chopped onions for a delicious focaccia bread to offer as a pre-dinner snack. This is a base recipe for all bread making recipes and the addition of semolina accounts for that extra crunchiness in the finished product. Like all the recipes in this website it has been tested many times and is really easy to make.




250 grams 00 flour or strong flour

250 grams of semolina

7 grams of dried yeast

1 tsp of sugar

300 ml of warm water

2 tbs of Matakana Extra Virgin Olive Oil

10 grams of salt


Preheat oven to 160 degrees. Line a baking tray with baking paper and sprinkle with semolina.

Pour water in the bowl of your stand mixer with the dough hook on and add sugar and yeast. Mix untill dissolved. Gradually add the two flours, the salt and the olive oil to the water mix and start kneading. If using a stand mixer leave it to knead for about 7 minutes or untill dough is nice and elastic (it might take you a bit longer if you are doing this by hand). Just keep on kneading until when you pull your dough "cheek" it retracts quickly. 

Round up the dough into a ball and leave it for1hr, sprinkled with extra flour, under your upside down bowl on the bench . The dough will raise to double the size in this time.

After this time use a chopping knife to cut out from the outside of your ball oblong shapes. Roll out this into a cigar shape with a little of flour over the bench then pick up the two ends and start giggling them creating some sort of wave between one end and the other. This will help you to make the grissini nice and long without breaking the dough. Lay them directly on the baking tray while you go.

Bake in oven for 40 minutes. Leave to cool


If making Pizza or focaccia your oven will have to be hotter. Cook at 210 degrees for the first 10 minutes then lowered to 190 for the next 20 minutes.