Pesto recipe 

This is the original Pesto recipe as it is made in many Italian households every day. It is quite easy to make and it will freeze well in an air tight container, if you want to keep it. In fact I put some in my ice cube tray and once is frozen, transfer my little Pesto cubes into a bag for easy one serving use. You can use this sauce as a dip with bread or with Pasta for a more substantial meal. While your pasta is boiling away, add a third of a cup of the starchy water to your Pesto to make it more creamy and smooth pasta sauce.


Matakana Olive Coop Pesto Recipe



2 big bunches of Fresh Basil
30 grams of Pinenuts
50 Grams of italian parmesan cheese (Grana Padana or Parmiggiano Reggiano) plus some to grate over pasta at the table
20 grams of Pecorino cheese
2 garlic cloves
1 cup of Matakana Extra Virgin Olive Oil plus extra to taste
Salt and cracked pepper


Put in the blender garlic, pinenuts and cheeses and blend until well combined.


Empty the contents of the blender in a bowl and fill it up again with the basil leaves (be careful to put only leaves and not stems as these ones are quite bitter) and all the olive oil. You may need to press the leaves down a bit to make them fit (the more basil the tastier the Pesto though). Blend to a liquidy consistency then add the garlic/cheese paste and blend again. Taste and if it needs season with salt and pepper (though the cheeses are quite salty so it should not need much more).