More BOTTLES please

We are quickly running out of bottles in the Red Sheds and it is time for us in the Co-op to come all together again for a bottling session.

We have different tasks to take care of when bottling from the actual transfer of the olive oil from the big stainless steel tanks into the bottle size we are using (either 250ml or 500ml); to capping the bottles with the metal caps; to labelling and storing our stock safely.

(Clive and Michael are filling the bottles)

Labelling can at times become tricky as we do this by hand and "quality controil" is done by checking each bottle individually. Occasionally we put the labels on the wrong side and we have quite a collection of quirkly labelled bottles.

(Isabella and Michael doing Quality Control)

These are our 250ml bottles naked. Ready for action.

And here you have it, the finished product, ready to be stocked and soon sold. We try to bottle as little as possible to preserve our Extra Virgin Olive Oil as fresh as possible in our stainless steel tanks inside the cool shed. This ensures you get the best experience when you open up one of our bottles, with the flavour and taste of olive oil pouring out with intense aroma.

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