EVOO for bonny babies

Here is a very interesting article found on the Australian and New zealand Olive Grower and Processor magazine which we thought you may be interested in.

The benefits of a Med diet are a given now days but did you know how good really Olive Oil is for your baby? Read below some of the benfits already identified

  1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil and breast milk contain similar ammounts of Omega3, Omega6 and linoleic acid, all beneficial to nerve fibre and brain development

  2. EVOO is easy to digest and helps gastric functions, helping to prevent constipation and colic

  3. Olive oil helps in the absoption of vitamin D, which regulates Calcium and Phosphorus and encourages the intake of minerals, all essential process in bone formation and growth

  4. Pregnant women on a steady diet of Olive Oil have a reported lower risk of asthma, making them healthier throughout the gestation period and their babies benefit from more developed immune systems, along with a lower risk of rhinitis and allergies

  5. Applied topically EVOO is a traditional remedy for cradle cap

  6. Italian doctors urge parents to add olive oil to solid food during weaning, and also to expressed milk, particularly for babies with colic - both for its effects on gastric functioning and for th epain releief provided by oleuropein, a natural anti-inflammatory substance with effects similar to ibuprofen.

Source:Australian and New zealand Olive grower and processor - June 2015

Of course if you then also use Matakana EVOO with your baby, all of these benefits will double!

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