Renaissance Feast at Scarecrow in Auckland

Last night we participated to Scarecrow's Renaissence Feast in Auckland where together with wine maker Gary Crabbe from Bold Hills we talked wine and olive oil to a selected group of dining guests in the informal and welcoming environment of this fantastic gourmet grocer store-come restaurant-come florist which keeps always a step ahead of Auckland's latest trends.

We spoke about the importance of using olive oil that has been certified Extra Virgin and to look for the red quality mark on New Zealand bottles.

We passionately pleaded the case to all the guests to buy locally and ethically produced EVOO instead of the cheper overseas options in supermarkets.

Knowing where your food comes from is not only safer and wiser but it also makes totally sense commercially. Your New Zealand made EVOO will be the freshest by far and compaartevely you won't find the same quality at the same price. Think about what you put in your body and if you are worth the "good" stuff.

Dish Magazine happened to be there as well and follwing is he link to India Essuah's article

Last Night's Dinner - Renaissance Feast at Scarecrow

Last night Scarecrow filled their High Street space with even more flowers and fresh produce than usual as part of their 'meet the maker' series.

Story by India EssuahPhotography by India Essuah

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