I know lots of you think Christmas is a gigantic hussle, but not me, I LOVE IT! You can make all the people around you happy with presents and there is always lots of food and drinks at this time of the year. Love being merry!

However if you are in the category of those panicking about Christmas being only a couple of weeks away, here some help for you.

You know you don't want to go through that last minute rush through crowded shops to sort out your presies, again; you also know that the worst part of getting Christmas presents for everyone is to decide what to buy; and you certainly don't want to throw your money away on something that will go straight to "the Pool Room" (or in the rubbish) and look, if it might get recycled on you later on in the year, well, it might as well be something you would be happy to get back.

So how about this year you get it all done and dusted in one and make everyone happy?

Yes, I mean EVERYONE.

Let's be honest, who does not like a drizzle of Olive Oil over their food?

Plus summer is coming and Olive Oil is the king on a BBQ table. Use it for marinating your meat or brush it over your BBQ goodies while they are cooking; pop some in a dipping dish to have with bread and dukkah or make Pesto (check our recipe) to impress your guests while you are enjoying that beer.

Whatever you do, you NEED a really good bottle of EVOO beside you.

So why not buy your local Matakana EVOO, artisanally produced, fragrant in flavour and ready to be enjoyed straight away? A product with a great taste from your very backyard.

A True gift from Nature

A Gift Box of Matakana EVOO is perfect all the time.

Doesn't look great? You can write your Christmas message on the front with a felt pen for a rustic charm look or dress it up with a red ribbon over the handle.

It contains our two top varieties, Classic and Robust.

Classic is single cultivar Olive Oil containing a Tuscan variety called Frantoio. It is your Classic Italian style olive oil, with a bit of pepper on the tongue and some nice artichokey flavours on the back. It is a perfect all rounder and goes with everything.

Robust is a bland of several different varieties and if you like the peppery taste of Olive Oil and you want it to last, this is the one for you. The peppery notes last well after you have finished eating it and it keeps tickling your tastebuds for a bit longer. Try it, you'll be hooked!

For a gourmet feel to your present you are bound to make an impression with Matakana EVOO Gift Box.

If you think you would like to buy a few of these beauties, we have a special price for a box of 12 gift packs. Ask us what we can do for you.

Matakana EVOO Farmer's Market Apron for the foodie within

This is a new product that is available now.

Show off your Masterchef skills in style with one of these!

Made out of really srturdy and resistent cotton the apron has three handy pockets on the front for your BBQ tools. with adjustable straps around the neck and extra long straps around the waist, this apron has one size to fit all.

You won't look trendier this summer!