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Our story begins when four friends planted seedlings of olive trees in early 2000. Their shared vision was to produce a truly artisan Extra Virgin Olive Oil made in New Zealand, with Matakana being the perfect place to grow olive trees. The founding growers all had a true passion for olives and olive oil and after a few years, when the time came, they began to press the olive oil. It soon became apparent that this Olive Oil had a distinctive flavour to it, enjoyed by all who have tried it and Matakana Extra Virgin Olive Oil was born.

In 2005 Matakana Olive Coop was founded to collect the efforts of several growers in the region and as a consequence of needing a more structured system to process olives, bottle the olive oil and market the unique Matakana Extra Virgin Olive Oil experience to the world.


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Matakana Olive Coop continues to thrive by building on the pioneering work of the founding members.

Today Matakana Olive Coop farms approximately 3000 olive trees, with seven different varieties of olives, grown on eight groves across the Matakana region to produce Matakana Extra Virgin Olive Oil.




Matakana Olive Co-op grows, and bottles
Matakana Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
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Matakana Olive Coop has grown its capacity and now manages its new bottling and storage facilities (the Red Sheds) to ensure the oil is kept in the best possible condition. We only bottle small batches at the time in a boutique style operation.

Our philosophy is to producehigh quality extra virgin olive oil with attention to preservingthose seasonal natural flavours and exciting variotions that each year brings with little intervention to the plants striving to be sustainable and bring the best olive oil to your table.


Matakana Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be purchased directly from the Matakana Olive Coop at the Matakana Village Farmers Market each Saturday, supplying locals and visitors alike. We supply a range of restaurants and retail outlets as well as bulk oil to individual customers.

Please visit our Store page for more information on our products..

Matakana Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tours of selected groves are also available by appointment.   Enquiries are always welcome.

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