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Matakana Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Matakana Extra Virgin Olive Oil is locally grown, harvested and pressed to bring to your table  a 100% natural olive oil. Cold pressed and produced to the highest standard with a distinctive flavour and character that comes from our single press Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


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Cooking with Matakana Extra Virgin Olive oil
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When buying Matakana Extra Virgin Olive Oil, look for the OliveMark from Olives NZ. This ensures that the olive oil has passed the International Olive Oil Council's requirements to be certified as Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is packaged and labelled appropriately, is fresh and tasty and is guaranteed 100% New Zealand Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Certified extra virgin olive oil
Olive grove in Matakana, home of Matakana co-operative extra virgin olive oil in New Zealand
Matakana Olive Co-operative


Our olives are grown across the Matakana area and this gives Matakana Extra Virgin Olive Oil its distinctive flavour unique to olives from Matakana. The groves of our cooperative are lovingly tended, with the fruit picked at the optimum stage and sent to press the same day to ensure maximum quality before being blended into our award winning extra virgin olive oils.

As boutique growers we guarantee attention to detail and a quality New Zealand made Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is our pleasure to bring you our olive oil, that reflects our commitment to the land and the local environment, which we grow as a sustainable crop to deliver the best possible Extra Virgin Olive Oil.